‘Daily riot’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

20 photographs.
Production: Costalamel / Photographer: Albert Ruso / Model: Clara Griffiths / Model: Pablo Viaplana / Model: Ibra Ceesay / Model: Joana Massana
Daily riot: 1/20
Daily riot: 2/20
Daily riot: 3/20
Daily riot: 4/20
Daily riot: 5/20
Daily riot: 6/20
Daily riot: 7/20
Daily riot: 8/20
Daily riot: 9/20
Daily riot: 10/20
Daily riot: 11/20
Daily riot: 12/20
Daily riot: 13/20
Daily riot: 14/20
Daily riot: 15/20
Daily riot: 16/20
Daily riot: 17/20
Daily riot: 18/20
Daily riot: 19/20
Daily riot: 20/20

Costalamel ‘Daily riot’

Barcelona based label, Costalamel introduce their new rad AF campaign & collection.

“Daily riot is a protest in favor of pleasures. It’s a romantic, hedonist and radical revolution. It comes from the idea that we directly assume that life’s temporary but we don’t act consequently. Instead, we follow the plan we’ve been told about how to be happy and successful. If life’s temporary, why not taking pleasures seriously?

Based on this idea, the objective was to transform a violent and decadent riot into a hedonist and romantic revolution. Using military motives, hard typos and violent & disordered punk applications in contrast with delicate messages and roses illustrations.

Following the essence of Daily Riot, the collision of forms, spaces and concepts, we’ve collaborated with The Creation House project for the shooting. An amazing house located in the heart of Barcelona with a stately architecture only open for cutting-edge creative projects.”



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