Daniel Rosenthal

‘Hit the switch (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Daniel Rosenthal / Model: Katie Joy / Model: Seattle Models Guild
Hit the switch (NSFW): 1/12
Hit the switch (NSFW): 2/12
Hit the switch (NSFW): 3/12
Hit the switch (NSFW): 4/12
Hit the switch (NSFW): 5/12
Hit the switch (NSFW): 6/12
Hit the switch (NSFW): 7/12
Hit the switch (NSFW): 8/12
Hit the switch (NSFW): 9/12
Hit the switch (NSFW): 10/12
Hit the switch (NSFW): 11/12
Hit the switch (NSFW): 12/12

Daniel Rosenthal ‘Hit the switch (NSFW)’

Daniel Rosenthal has provided us with some of my favorite photos up here & today we have the pleasure of showing you one of his latest beautiful series titled ‘Hit the switch’. Recently while visiting his youngest brother in Seattle, Daniel was put in touch with free spirit Katie Joy & enjoyed every moment shooting her as she engaged fully in her environment & wasn’t afraid to get sexy. Love!!!



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