The Found Missing

‘D’Arcys Gun’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: The Found Missing / Model: D'Arcy / Wardrobe: Seeker Intimates
D’Arcys Gun: 1/11
D’Arcys Gun: 2/11
D’Arcys Gun: 3/11
D’Arcys Gun: 4/11
D’Arcys Gun: 5/11
D’Arcys Gun: 6/11
D’Arcys Gun: 7/11
D’Arcys Gun: 8/11
D’Arcys Gun: 9/11
D’Arcys Gun: 10/11
D’Arcys Gun: 11/11

The Found Missing ‘D’Arcys Gun’

Peter aka The Found Missing & his gorgeous muse headed into the cacti fields outside of Phoenix, Nevada for their debut series.

“D’Arcy & I wanted to capture the weird, wild, & free synonymous to the harsh & close to uninhabitable desert landscape & to portray it’s untamed & equally weird inhabitants. Fending off flies from our dusty & sweaty bodies, we tried to keep sane & un-punctured while navigating minefields of cacti that offered free piercings should you not pay attention. The car thermometer was sitting somewhere north off 120 Fahrenheit when we got there, but D’Arcy assured me this was normal for down here, we just had to roll with it.

After an hour or so of shooting as my eyes watered trying to avoid turning into two dried prunes from the sweltering heat & intense staring through my lens, that had started to sound more like a salt grinder from all the sand trapped in it, we had already got some sweet shots, but I wasn’t sure we had nailed it. Just then D’Arcy casually aimed a bigger gun than I had ever seen at soap bubbles floating away into a field of cacti that were casting long shadows in the setting sun, & washed away all of my doubts. The dessert was living up to its weird and hostile reputation & D’Arcy was the perfect dessert dweller.”



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