‘Darling mansion’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Briony / Stylist: Bridget Hoffart
Darling mansion: 1/10
Darling mansion: 2/10
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Darling mansion: 4/10
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Darling mansion: 10/10

Briony ‘Darling mansion’

Briony captures Scout Pritchett inside of the Darling mansion for our latest feature to make its way to us from Toronto.

“There is a massive mansion called The Darling Mansion located in downtown Toronto. The owner has taken years to curate such amazing items, giving each room a different theme & vibe. Rooms such as the Opium Den & The Flamingo room to name a few. Scout is such a beautiful & unique model & she was perfect for a backdrop like this. We also teamed up with the jewelry company ‘Armed’ for some stunning pieces.”

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