Yolanda Y. Liou

‘Dartmouth Pink’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Yolanda Y. Liou / Stylist: Elizaveta Mazitova / Make-up Artist: Sara Helou / Model: Connie Robinson / Model Management: Premier Models / Model: Jia-Qi Xu
Dartmouth Pink: 1/10
Dartmouth Pink: 2/10
Dartmouth Pink: 3/10
Dartmouth Pink: 4/10
Dartmouth Pink: 5/10
Dartmouth Pink: 6/10
Dartmouth Pink: 7/10
Dartmouth Pink: 8/10
Dartmouth Pink: 9/10
Dartmouth Pink: 10/10

Yolanda Y. Liou ‘Dartmouth Pink’

‘Dartmouth Pink’ is our latest gorgeous fashion story by the very talented Yolanda Y. Liou, shot at her home base in north London.

“What does it mean when people say “You need to be like a girl?” Let’s be honest, it’s really not easy to be a girl. There are so many labels that society eagerly try to put on girls. But it’s certainly not all or nothing. In this editorial which we shot in my beloved base in north London, by capturing strength in a diverse & feminine fashion, we want to show that girls can be delicate & tough at the same time. You are yourselves in any way you’re happy with. It’s you who defines yourself. Go girls!”

Wardrobe featured: Celine, Zara, QianYawen, Fille a Papa, TAZ, Dmitry Gotsfrid, Scottacus Anthony, Ellis Jaz, Laura Fisher, Osome2some, Marques Almeida, H&M, Sofia Ilmonen



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