Cleo Glover

‘Day dream’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Cleo Glover / Model: Assa Ariyoshi
Day dream: 1/8
Day dream: 2/8
Day dream: 3/8
Day dream: 4/8
Day dream: 5/8
Day dream: 6/8
Day dream: 7/8
Day dream: 8/8

Cleo Glover ‘Day dream’

Set in South East London, ‘Day dream’ is our debut feature from Cleo Glover, starring self styled fresh faced natural beauty, Assa Ariyoshi.

“Assa is a long term muse of mine & we have been friends since attending university a few years back. Assa models & is also a freelance illustrator. We did this shoot on a rare dreamy sunny day in London. We spent the afternoon drinking coffee & creating these shots. I always love to shoot with Assa as we work so well together & the shots always come out feeling relaxed & free.”



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