Nadia Rompas


by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Nadia Rompas / Photographer assistant: Emil Raji / Model: Linda Wang / Stylist: Linda Wang / Make-up Artist: Clodia Marland
Day/night: 1/9
Day/night: 2/9
Day/night: 3/9
Day/night: 4/9
Day/night: 5/9
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Day/night: 7/9
Day/night: 8/9
Day/night: 9/9

Nadia Rompas ‘Day/night’

Indonesian portrait/fashion photographer based in Melbourne, Nadia Rompas collaborates with local make up artist, Clodia Marland for their rad af debut series.

“Clodia had been wanting to do with more fun & quirky makeup looks. Even though we had done a previous test shoot before this, the day went on more spontaneous than ever. We did the shoot at a nearby garden when it started raining heavily, forcing us to shoot indoors for the second look. & it was only after I scanned the film that I knew I shot on some expired Kodak Gold 200. Almost everything didn’t go the way we expected, but we still had so much fun & have come to appreciate the experimental quality of the photos.”



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