Brad Torum

‘Daydream Fever’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Brad Torum / Model: Savannah Williams / Model Management: Next Model Management / Make-up Artist: Alexander Braun
Daydream Fever: 1/10
Daydream Fever: 2/10
Daydream Fever: 3/10
Daydream Fever: 4/10
Daydream Fever: 5/10
Daydream Fever: 6/10
Daydream Fever: 7/10
Daydream Fever: 8/10
Daydream Fever: 9/10
Daydream Fever: 10/10

Brad Torum ‘Daydream Fever’

‘Daydream Fever’ is our gorgeous debut feature from Los Angeles photographer, Brad Torum starring Los Angeles angel on Earth, Savannah Williams.

“Savvy & I drove an hour outside of Los Angeles & pulled off the main highway to a stretch of road that seemed mostly forgotten. We checked into an old motel along the way where we were the only guests. We shot & wandered around & the day passed by in dreamy state as if we were suspended somewhere in time.”



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