Jessica Robles


by: Ainsley Hutchence

19 photographs.
Photographer: Jessica Robles / Model: YueYao Li / HMUA: Paru Gambir
Daydream: 1/19
Daydream: 2/19
Daydream: 3/19
Daydream: 4/19
Daydream: 5/19
Daydream: 6/19
Daydream: 7/19
Daydream: 8/19
Daydream: 9/19
Daydream: 10/19
Daydream: 11/19
Daydream: 12/19
Daydream: 13/19
Daydream: 14/19
Daydream: 15/19
Daydream: 16/19
Daydream: 17/19
Daydream: 18/19
Daydream: 19/19

Jessica Robles ‘Daydream’

Its a pleasure to introduce a new contributor in LA local, born & raised creative, Jessica Robles with her stunning debt series starring YueYao Li.

“This was one crazy shoot! We traveled 3 hours outside of LA to get to Joshua Tree. Unfortunately, I got extremely carsick & threw up in front of the whole crew at least 10 times. Thankfully everyone was kind, but I was extremely embarrassed, & continued shooting from 8 am till 3pm! (while hurling gracefully all over Joshua Tree).”



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