Ann Rose Photography

‘Daydream world’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Ann Rose Photography / Model: Brigette Cooper
Daydream world: 1/9
Daydream world: 2/9
Daydream world: 3/9
Daydream world: 4/9
Daydream world: 5/9
Daydream world: 6/9
Daydream world: 7/9
Daydream world: 8/9
Daydream world: 9/9

Ann Rose Photography ‘Daydream world’

I cannot stop looking at this series! Bridget Cooper has that power over me. She completely hypnotises me. Her recent stunning collaboration with fellow Gold Coast creative, Aimee of Ann Rose Photography, has sent me into a trance.



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