Vlada Ivanova

‘Dazed & confused’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

20 photographs.
Production: Vlada Ivanova / Photographer: Katya Knyazeva / Creative director: Vlada Ivanova / Creative director: Igor Gareev  / CinematographerSevak Arutyunyan / Stylist: Igor Gareev 
Dazed & confused: 1/20
Dazed & confused: 2/20
Dazed & confused: 3/20
Dazed & confused: 4/20
Dazed & confused: 5/20
Dazed & confused: 6/20
Dazed & confused: 7/20
Dazed & confused: 8/20
Dazed & confused: 9/20
Dazed & confused: 10/20
Dazed & confused: 11/20
Dazed & confused: 12/20
Dazed & confused: 13/20
Dazed & confused: 14/20
Dazed & confused: 15/20
Dazed & confused: 16/20
Dazed & confused: 17/20
Dazed & confused: 18/20
Dazed & confused: 19/20
Dazed & confused: 20/20

Vlada Ivanova ‘Dazed & confused’

Vlada Ivanova pulls together a dream team & pays homage to the era of motley pants, loose hair & endless surge of energy. This is ‘Dazed & confused’.

“Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.” – John Lennon

“Every person comprehends life in his own way. People, who have forgotten how to enjoy what is happening here & now, don’t notice how quickly time passes, &, what you have been going so hard for so long, suddenly goes far behind, making you doubt the existence of such a term as “purpose” or “meaning of life”. The characters of our shooting are not afraid to be misunderstood, because for them there are no prohibitions, they do not try to fit into the framework of the existing censored reality. The main thing is to be yourself, & not to miss the moment, because every second of life is priceless.”

Models: Katarina Nagaeva, Marta Anakwa, Yegor Gavrin, Katerina Tkachenko.

Wardrobe; Mardzhan, AzART, Ansel by CDD, Showroom Rai Moscow, Ozero Swimwear, Nazarova, Zachem Brand, Kristina Saveljeva/river young, Sasha Shutkina, Into|into, Elizaveta Andritsova, Dokuchaeva, Moroshka by Vingil, Katysheva, Sandy, Mardzhan, Natalia Estler, Ksenia Seraya.



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