Omer Kaplan

‘Dear diary’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Omer Kaplan / Model: Ariel Spiegel
Dear diary: 1/11
Dear diary: 2/11
Dear diary: 3/11
Dear diary: 4/11
Dear diary: 5/11
Dear diary: 6/11
Dear diary: 7/11
Dear diary: 8/11
Dear diary: 9/11
Dear diary: 10/11
Dear diary: 11/11

Omer Kaplan ‘Dear diary’

Fashion photographer & Videographer Omer Kaplan met her muse in her Tel Aviv apartment for their beautiful debut film series.

“I met Ariel in the school of photography I used to study in & have discovered that she is also a photographer, a very talented one!… So we decided to do a photoshoot together but this time she is gonna be the model.”

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