Dan Kitchens

‘Death valley’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

14 photographs.
Photographer: Dan Kitchens / Art director: Dan Kitchens / Model: Cacia Zoo
Death valley: 1/14
Death valley: 2/14
Death valley: 3/14
Death valley: 4/14
Death valley: 5/14
Death valley: 6/14
Death valley: 7/14
Death valley: 8/14
Death valley: 9/14
Death valley: 10/14
Death valley: 11/14
Death valley: 12/14
Death valley: 13/14
Death valley: 14/14

Dan Kitchens ‘Death valley’

Last night almost immediately after realising instagram had deleted our account & as I was mentally preparing myself to give it all up & become a monk, this amazing shoot turned up in my inbox. Just the encouragement I needed at just the right time… as if it was there to say you’re not done yet darlin. so i’m putting off becoming a monk for now to feature one of my favourite shoots to date. Really fucking love this & such a pleasure to introduce you to Cacia Zoo. she’s pretty fucking beautiful obvi… but she’s also pretty fucking awesome… Plus saved this blog. & here’s another ‘fuck’ for good measure coz sometimes you are just in the mood to say fuck a lot 🙂



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