Jonny Kaye


by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Jonny Kaye / Model: Sarah / Model: Cece Velli / Stylist: Danny Walker / Assistant: Mariam Ahmed / Make-up Artist: Rebecca Barnes
Delicates: 1/11
Delicates: 2/11
Delicates: 3/11
Delicates: 4/11
Delicates: 5/11
Delicates: 6/11
Delicates: 7/11
Delicates: 8/11
Delicates: 9/11
Delicates: 10/11
Delicates: 11/11

Jonny Kaye ‘Delicates’

Jonny Kaye managed to organize his latest rad af session on the only day of the year that it snowed in London, forcing him & his team into the closest laundrette. In love with the results!



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