Alex Massek


by: Ainsley Hutchence

Shoot of the week
10 photographs.
Photographer: Alex Massek / Model: Lillie Smith-Lake / Stylist: Petra De Jager / Make-up Artist: Goodie May Johnson / Set Design: Alex Massek / Set Design: Nikki Gerak
Delirium: 1/10
Delirium: 2/10
Delirium: 3/10
Delirium: 4/10
Delirium: 5/10
Delirium: 6/10
Delirium: 7/10
Delirium: 8/10
Delirium: 9/10
Delirium: 10/10

Alex Massek ‘Delirium’

Alex Massek sparks the imagination with a Pablo Picasso inspired debut series out of London. This is ‘Delirium’ starring Lillie Smith-Lake.

“This series explores mania through a passage of time. The clothing represents different eras (past to future) all tied together with a green/yellow colour palette. A big inspiration for the set was the cubist art movement, which portrayed beauty with an abstract sense of distortion. This is particularly true with Pablo Picasso, who was a big inspiration for this concept. I drafted several rough ideas and then proceeded to source the clothing with the colour palate in mind. A few days before the shoot we hand painted the backdrop to match the colours of the clothing.”



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