Bob Sala

‘Desert of Boredom’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Bob Sala / Photographer: Eva Pechmarie
Desert of Boredom: 1/7
Desert of Boredom: 2/7
Desert of Boredom: 3/7
Desert of Boredom: 4/7
Desert of Boredom: 5/7
Desert of Boredom: 6/7
Desert of Boredom: 7/7

Bob Sala ‘Desert of Boredom’

‘Desert of Boredom’ is our latest series by Bob Sala, a writer/photographer based in Germany who started taking photos because his local newspapers wouldn’t publish his work without them. Actually most of the contributors to this site seemed to have stumbled across photography by accident & became instant addicts. That’s what happened to me too.



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