Deserted: 1/12 Deserted: 1/12
Deserted: 2/12 Deserted: 2/12
Deserted: 3/12 Deserted: 3/12
Deserted: 4/12 Deserted: 4/12
Deserted: 5/12 Deserted: 5/12
Deserted: 6/12 Deserted: 6/12
Deserted: 7/12 Deserted: 7/12
Deserted: 8/12 Deserted: 8/12
Deserted: 9/12 Deserted: 9/12
Deserted: 10/12 Deserted: 10/12
Deserted: 11/12 Deserted: 11/12
Deserted: 12/12 Deserted: 12/12

Jeremy Gryst ‘Deserted’

A few months ago we met a rad Adelaide based photographer called Jeremy Gryst, & today we have the pleasure of featuring his work. True to his signature style, ‘Deserted’ has a sincere, ethereal quality to it & I feel warm all over, as though the shoot has sucked me into its barren setting. Here is what Jeremy told us about his day with Lexi Pratt…

“From naked landscapes of radiating sharp daylight, to a deserted township, this visual journey captures an interesting terrain of warm, barren surroundings which creates an unusual environment to find oneself. Deserted features an exploration into being comfortably uncomfortable in your own skin. The use of bare skin, ungainly shapes & camera angles conjures a beautiful feeling of being happily stranded from modern conveniences.”



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