Jen Senn

‘Detour (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Jen Senn / Model: Elle Dawson
Detour (NSFW): 1/8
Detour (NSFW): 2/8
Detour (NSFW): 3/8
Detour (NSFW): 4/8
Detour (NSFW): 5/8
Detour (NSFW): 6/8
Detour (NSFW): 7/8
Detour (NSFW): 8/8

Jen Senn ‘Detour (NSFW)’

A little less gritty than the last ‘Converted‘ set we featured up here by NYC based photographer, Jen Senn but still cool AF. ‘Detour’ stars natural bae, Elle Dawson being all cute in upstate New York. Leaving the city for a day of relaxing, exploring & listening to music in nature sure does inspire great photos.



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