Maximiliaan van Kuyk

‘Devils punch bowl’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Maximiliaan van Kuyk / Model: Siovan Hope
Devils punch bowl: 1/9
Devils punch bowl: 2/9
Devils punch bowl: 3/9
Devils punch bowl: 4/9
Devils punch bowl: 5/9
Devils punch bowl: 6/9
Devils punch bowl: 7/9
Devils punch bowl: 8/9
Devils punch bowl: 9/9

Maximiliaan van Kuyk ‘Devils punch bowl’

Maximiliaan van Kuyk & his beautiful muse, Siovan Hope head to the edge of the desert for their new gorgeous feature.

“We were somewhere around Little Rock, when the mood began to take hold. It would appear we had arrived at the ‘Devils Punch Bowl’. The half century old bug had proven it could handle the trip out of the concrete jungle & into the dusty sands. We were worried it might fall apart on the way but someone who knows about these things told us we just had to trust her & she wouldn’t let us down.

We hadn’t planned much. It was basically just a weekend trip suitcase open on the back seat. We just knew we wanted everything to contrast as much as possible. There wasn’t much that could go wrong. The juxtaposition of a powerful Trinidadian beauty along side this 60’s iconic piece of German motor history that probably wouldn’t have been seen together in those days was all we needed, the rest just fell into place.”



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