Stephanie Cassano


by: Ainsley Hutchence

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32 photographs.
Photographer: Stephanie Cassano / Model: Eva Akhurst / Make-up Artist: Analyce Thomas / Stylist: Hayley Van Ree / Wardrobe: Filfy Rish
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DIRT-Y: 32/32

Stephanie Cassano ‘DIRT-Y’

Small girl from a small suburb with huge dreams, Stephanie Cassano collaborates with Melbourne fashion label, FILFY RISH for her latest stunning series.

“FILFY RISH is a concept of art, fashion, eco consciousness, colour & pop & rebellion. Its fashion pieces are hand-made in Melbourne from recycled materials to conquer the evils of the industry. The maker, Moosedoll, is a trained fine artist & approaches all their pieces & collections from a theoretical standpoint, ensuring that there is more than simply production at play. FILFY RISH believes that the way we consume fashion should reflect the way we live our lives, & it is here for all the imaginative, weirdo, genius humans to fully express themselves in.”

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