Kristin Gallegos

‘Disappear here’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

16 photographs.
Curator: Kristin Gallegos / Photographer: Charles Caesar / Photographer: Angus Smythe
Disappear here: 1/16
Disappear here: 2/16
Disappear here: 3/16
Disappear here: 4/16
Disappear here: 5/16
Disappear here: 6/16
Disappear here: 7/16
Disappear here: 8/16
Disappear here: 9/16
Disappear here: 10/16
Disappear here: 11/16
Disappear here: 12/16
Disappear here: 13/16
Disappear here: 14/16
Disappear here: 15/16
Disappear here: 16/16

Kristin Gallegos ‘Disappear here’

NYC mega talent & no stranger to this site, Kristin Gallegos brings us a series of photos taken at her month long debut solo photo show in the East Village (NYC) closing on the 13th November, entitled ‘Disappear Here’.

The show is made up of 20 limited edition prints for sale (framed & unframed) & the whole space was curated by Kristin herself. “I did a window installation with my personal things from my apartment. Including my pink shag rug, orange lava lamp, rainbow wall clock, pink record player, records, books, 60’s/70’s Playboys & Rolling Stone Magazines, yellow chairs, beige rotary telephone, & pink/green shag pillows handmade by one of the models in the show, Hildie Gifstad! The pillows are also for sale. I wanted the gallery space to feel like my home. So I brought my home to the gallery!”

‘Disappear here’ by Kristin Gallegos
Location: The Modern Love Club Gallery, NYC.
Closes: 13th Nov



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