Jennifer Medina

‘Disco inferno’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Jennifer Medina / Model: Jovel Ramos / Stylist: Phil Gomez / Hair: Sean Bennette / Hair: Mathew Sosnowski
Disco inferno: 1/8
Disco inferno: 2/8
Disco inferno: 3/8
Disco inferno: 4/8
Disco inferno: 5/8
Disco inferno: 6/8
Disco inferno: 7/8
Disco inferno: 8/8

Jennifer Medina ‘Disco inferno’

Jennifer Medina teams up with stylist Phil Gomez to brings us a stunning new fashion story. If you look close enough you will notice the team credits in the photos themselves… genius!

“No one can dictate who this eclectic being is. Jovel is the definition of youth revolt; is here to not only stay, but to never be forgotten.”

Wardrobe; Planet.i, Maryme Jimmy Paul, The House of Phil, ISLYNYC, Eric Schlosberg, Christian Louboutin.

#neon #trippy #blue #purple #electric #shine



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