Disruption: 1/9 Disruption: 1/9
Disruption: 2/9 Disruption: 2/9
Disruption: 3/9 Disruption: 3/9
Disruption: 4/9 Disruption: 4/9
Disruption: 5/9 Disruption: 5/9
Disruption: 6/9 Disruption: 6/9
Disruption: 7/9 Disruption: 7/9
Disruption: 8/9 Disruption: 8/9
Disruption: 9/9 Disruption: 9/9

Manuel F. Soria ‘Disruption’

Berlin-based creative Manuel F. Soria presents his debut series starring Leo Brucklacher.

“With this story we wanted to show the path of this guy, seemingly calm & how life got in his way, hitting him & pushing him down.”

Special Thanks to Terry Whitaker, Vanessa Marino, Lucas Lazzari.



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