Divergent: 1/13 Divergent: 1/13
Divergent: 2/13 Divergent: 2/13
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Divergent: 5/13 Divergent: 5/13
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Divergent: 13/13 Divergent: 13/13

Lusha Alic ‘Divergent’

‘Divergent’ is a fashion story by 22 year old, London based photographer, Lusha Alic starring the incredible Demi Scott. Here is what she told us about their shoot day together…

“I wanted the story to be based purely on my model’s individuality & expression of how she would encounter with the surroundings that I would place her in. I wanted to get the inspiration directly on the day of the shooting, which is why I decided to choose the street/area that I have just recently moved into for the shoot location.

For every outfit change, me & my team went from my flat back onto the street, where I would randomly select locations that I instinctively liked. I wanted the images to express my model Demi being out of touch with reality. She represents the character of today’s generation & their spirit/vibe. She has a strong sense of individuality, not caring about what anyone thinks of her & at the same time she expresses this mysterious, dark vibe. The feeling of being lost, different from others – it is not supposed to be about being pretty or luxurious – I wanted this to be reflected through the styling, locations as well as the model’s attitude.”



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