Nadia Rompas


by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Nadia Rompas / Model: Teresa
DIY: 1/8
DIY: 2/8
DIY: 3/8
DIY: 4/8
DIY: 5/8
DIY: 6/8
DIY: 7/8
DIY: 8/8

Nadia Rompas ‘DIY’

Indonesian portrait & fashion film photographer, Nadia Rompas collaborates with her muse, Teresa for their latest awesome series.

“Any film photographer knows how amazing & vibrant the colour red looks on film, so we set up a simple DIY studio in T’s room, & went to work. T absolutely killed it in just one roll. Her movements were so fluid that I had to capture every moment. But ultimately, the day taught me the classic lesson that less is, in fact, more.”



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