by: Ainsley Hutchence

14 photographs.
Photographer: Barnie / Art director: Ahinaa Perjési / Production: Footshop / Stylist: Ahinaa Perjési / Model: Issiaga Camara / Model: Abloo Camara
DNA: 1/14
DNA: 2/14
DNA: 3/14
DNA: 4/14
DNA: 5/14
DNA: 6/14
DNA: 7/14
DNA: 8/14
DNA: 9/14
DNA: 10/14
DNA: 11/14
DNA: 12/14
DNA: 13/14
DNA: 14/14

Barnie ‘DNA’

Hungarian photographer Barnabas Toth (aka Barnie) & art director Ahinaa Perjesi in collaboration with Footshop brings us an awesome debut series about the current renewed sense of community & empowerment. “It’s about kinship, bonding & sticking together. It’ s about fellowship, collaboration and ultimately, being human.”

Humans have 99.99 % similar DNA to each other. It is the molecule of life – what makes you, you.

“In living organisms, DNA does not usually exist as a single molecule, but instead as a pair of molecules that are held tightly together.”



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