Grant Spanier

‘Dog days’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Grant Spanier / Model: Hanna Voxland
Dog days: 1/10
Dog days: 2/10
Dog days: 3/10
Dog days: 4/10
Dog days: 5/10
Dog days: 6/10
Dog days: 7/10
Dog days: 8/10
Dog days: 9/10
Dog days: 10/10

Grant Spanier ‘Dog days’

Grant Spanier & Hanna Voxland meet for an athletic playdate on the Cougars’ home field, in the throes of summer.

“Ah, yes, mid-summer is upon us — the “dog days,” if you will. As is our want, Hanna & I got a bite to eat, then wandered around until we found somewhere suitable to make some images (with only a couple of fences to sneak through).”



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