Ashley Autumn


by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Ashley Autumn / Model: Tiger Kauffman / Model: Stephanie De Felici / Stylist: Ashley Autumn
Domesticated: 1/9
Domesticated: 2/9
Domesticated: 3/9
Domesticated: 4/9
Domesticated: 5/9
Domesticated: 6/9
Domesticated: 7/9
Domesticated: 8/9
Domesticated: 9/9

Ashley Autumn ‘Domesticated’

US photographer, Ashley Autumn describes shoot with Tiger & Stephanie as “the perfect day for three nearly strangers.”

Following her insatiable urge to shoot the girls together, Ashley spends her day off driving from San Fransisco to to LA after reaching out to them the night prior.

“They both happened to have the day free. So I drove to LA, wildly hungover, with a suitcase full of clothes & tons of expired Polaroid film.”



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