Matthew Parisien

‘Dont be fooled’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Matthew Parisien / Model: Gab Bois / Stylist: Tishanna Carnevale / Make-up Artist: Émilie M.A.H.
Dont be fooled: 1/9
Dont be fooled: 2/9
Dont be fooled: 3/9
Dont be fooled: 4/9
Dont be fooled: 5/9
Dont be fooled: 6/9
Dont be fooled: 7/9
Dont be fooled: 8/9
Dont be fooled: 9/9

Matthew Parisien ‘Dont be fooled’

Montreal Based collaborators, Matthew Parisien & white hair beauty, Gab Bois bring us ‘Dont be fooled’.

“I find Gab a very versatile model & I wanted to show a different side to her. Last time in our set Get Lost we agreed to making her look very innocent & young. In this set she does whatever she wants.”



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