Justin Abernethy

‘Don’t call me baby’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Justin Abernethy / Model: Abbie Oliveira
Don’t call me baby: 1/8
Don’t call me baby: 2/8
Don’t call me baby: 3/8
Don’t call me baby: 4/8
Don’t call me baby: 5/8
Don’t call me baby: 6/8
Don’t call me baby: 7/8
Don’t call me baby: 8/8

Justin Abernethy ‘Don’t call me baby’

Toronto-based artist Justin Abernethy teams up with Abbie Oliveira for their debut feature.

“After having planned to shoot for quite some time, myself & Abbie discovered that we both live in the west end of the city & figured our best approach to this shoot was to explore the industrial area in our hood. From dead-end roads & empty parking lots, to mechanic shops & churches, we found what we were looking for and got some great content from the shoot.”

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