Kate Burns

‘Doomed romance’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

Shoot of the week
13 photographs.
Photographer: Kate Burns / Model: Mei Pang / Stylist: Hayley Elsaesser / Wardrobe: Hayley Elsaesser
Doomed romance: 1/13
Doomed romance: 2/13
Doomed romance: 3/13
Doomed romance: 4/13
Doomed romance: 5/13
Doomed romance: 6/13
Doomed romance: 7/13
Doomed romance: 8/13
Doomed romance: 9/13
Doomed romance: 10/13
Doomed romance: 11/13
Doomed romance: 12/13
Doomed romance: 13/13

Kate Burns ‘Doomed romance’

Hayley Elsaesser teams up with Mei Pang to capture her latest awesome ‘Verona Beach’ collection, inspired by the dichotomy of doomed romance & ill-fated young love.

“We celebrated the warm weather with our girl Mei, who is an amalgamation of Romeo& Juliet; representing the heart throb & the muse simultaneously. We love how she is tough & gritty while maintaining a delicately feminine look. The juxtaposition of head tattoos, & soft floral motifs is a direct link to our Verona Beach collection. Skulls & diamonds. A tropical car-crash. Paradise by the dashboard light.”



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