Parker Woods

‘Double standard’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Parker Woods / Model: Abigail VanSteenberghe / Model: Anabella Anger / Stylist: Anabella Anger
Double standard: 1/13
Double standard: 2/13
Double standard: 3/13
Double standard: 4/13
Double standard: 5/13
Double standard: 6/13
Double standard: 7/13
Double standard: 8/13
Double standard: 9/13
Double standard: 10/13
Double standard: 11/13
Double standard: 12/13
Double standard: 13/13

Parker Woods ‘Double standard’

Parker Woods describes himself as an avid bad-movie-watcher with an eye for uniqueness in the mundane, & a penchant for shooting with film. As a portrait photographer, Parker aims to create a unique vision by combining the intimacy of diaristic style with that of fashion editorial photography. His debut editorial illustrates the inherent conflict & double standards that arise from societies’ sexualization of women’s bodies.

“Abigail & Anabella met for the first time the morning of our shoot together. Photographers in the area had been reaching out to both Abby & Ana for weeks asking to photograph them together, & I was excited to take a stab at being the first.

We had originally planned to head out to a small peninsula on the border of Oregon & Washington that was home to an abundance of tired barns & pumpkin patches. As we drove out to the location we talked about our best & worst shoots, past relationships, & our plans for Halloween. We stopped for a few photos in a field of flowers before realizing we would rather get out of the cold & finish the remainder of the shoot in the studio.

By the time we arrived at the studio we had gotten to know one another pretty intimately for an hour & a half car ride & it was apparent by the time the first click of the shutter was heard. Abigail & Anabella looked like sisters & the dynamic between them was endearing. They joked & danced & supported one another as I methodically clicked away taking exposure after exposure of a budding friendship in full bloom.”



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