Matthew Parisien

‘Down town’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Matthew Parisien / Model: Mihaela / Model Management: Maven Models / Stylist: Miriam Brassard / HMUA: Kim Creton
Down town: 1/9
Down town: 2/9
Down town: 3/9
Down town: 4/9
Down town: 5/9
Down town: 6/9
Down town: 7/9
Down town: 8/9
Down town: 9/9

Matthew Parisien ‘Down town’

Set in some of their favourite run down spots in St Henri, here is ‘Down town’ by Matthew Parisien, starring Mihaela.

“I always find there is so much life to these kinds of places. We went exploring around looking at old furniture & bought tea from the little super market. She rocks & so do all the maven models.”



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