Kel Belter


by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Kel Belter / Model: Megs Moo / Stylist: Megs Moo
Downpour: 1/8
Downpour: 2/8
Downpour: 3/8
Downpour: 4/8
Downpour: 5/8
Downpour: 6/8
Downpour: 7/8
Downpour: 8/8

Kel Belter ‘Downpour’

Kel Belter & her muse, Megs Moo spend a Seoul public holiday stomping through the streets of Hongdae in torrential rain to produce this awesome debut feature.

“It ended up being exactly what we wanted. Living in image-conscious South Korea, you become hyper-aware of yourself, how your image is projected both online & in real life. The downpour let us contrast intentional, on-trend styling with the unexpected. We stomped through the streets of Hongdae, shooting on the road & in damp rubbish piles and parking lots, walking the line between what’s real and what’s made.”



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