Kaj Jefferies

‘Dress ups’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Kaj Jefferies
Dress ups: 1/7
Dress ups: 2/7
Dress ups: 3/7
Dress ups: 4/7
Dress ups: 5/7
Dress ups: 6/7
Dress ups: 7/7

Kaj Jefferies ‘Dress ups’

London filmmaker & photographer, Kaj Jefferies presents her debut series.

“Beka started making her own custom jeans & chaps a couple months back & we’re both friends, so I told her to come to my studio so we can shoot her bootaay. Check out her instagram if you want to order some.”

Wardrobe; Never Becky Jeans, Ottolinger, Marieyat.



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