Drop (NSFW): 1/15 Drop (NSFW): 1/15
Drop (NSFW): 2/15 Drop (NSFW): 2/15
Drop (NSFW): 3/15 Drop (NSFW): 3/15
Drop (NSFW): 4/15 Drop (NSFW): 4/15
Drop (NSFW): 5/15 Drop (NSFW): 5/15
Drop (NSFW): 6/15 Drop (NSFW): 6/15
Drop (NSFW): 7/15 Drop (NSFW): 7/15
Drop (NSFW): 8/15 Drop (NSFW): 8/15
Drop (NSFW): 9/15 Drop (NSFW): 9/15
Drop (NSFW): 10/15 Drop (NSFW): 10/15
Drop (NSFW): 11/15 Drop (NSFW): 11/15
Drop (NSFW): 12/15 Drop (NSFW): 12/15
Drop (NSFW): 13/15 Drop (NSFW): 13/15
Drop (NSFW): 14/15 Drop (NSFW): 14/15
Drop (NSFW): 15/15 Drop (NSFW): 15/15

Mandy Wu ‘Drop (NSFW)’

Berlin creatives Mandy Wu & Maria Kn marry synthetic fabrics & natural elements for their new stunning film series.

“The sun drips through the green leaves, carefully, on this rather cold summer day. The lake reflects the grey skies like a mirror stretched out in front of us. Bit by bit we go deeper into the green, little tree fruits piercing our every step. Scarce sunlight shines through, illuminating magically, like the fresh light after a harsh rain. United, we explore the forest chasing rays of sunshine and all the colours of the rainbow.”



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