Camila Saldarriaga


by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Camila Saldarriaga / Art director: Camila Saldarriaga / Art director: Marlene Luciano / Director: Camila Saldarriaga / Director of photography: Nina Badoux / Model: Arielle Saturné
Dryness: 1/7
Dryness: 2/7
Dryness: 3/7
Dryness: 4/7
Dryness: 5/7
Dryness: 6/7
Dryness: 7/7

DRYNESS from Camila Saldarriaga on Vimeo.

Camila Saldarriaga ‘Dryness’

Camila Saldarriaga where have you been? This is our debut feature from the LA based super talent & I’m already excited to see what she bring us next. Camila’s work typically reflects the importance of a female voice that embraces diversity & social issues.

“I have an obsession with females & how in a picture you can show two parts of them – their vulnerabilities, but also how powerful they can be. I wanted to make more of a narrative short film with this, but I decided to experiment more with the characters & images & let the audience relate to it in their own way.”



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