Ieva Urenceva

‘East Ender’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Ieva Urenceva / Model: Guoda Jukneviciute / Stylist: Ramune Raslaviciute
East Ender: 1/12
East Ender: 2/12
East Ender: 3/12
East Ender: 4/12
East Ender: 5/12
East Ender: 6/12
East Ender: 7/12
East Ender: 8/12
East Ender: 9/12
East Ender: 10/12
East Ender: 11/12
East Ender: 12/12

Ieva Urenceva ‘East Ender’

Absolutely in love with this series by Ieva Urenceva set in East London & starring Guoda Jukneviciute. Here is what Ieva told us about their day…

“Each part of London has it’s own unique charm. East London is probably the most interesting of them all, the architecture makes you feel as if you’re back in time sometimes. That’s exactly what we went for, imagined a day in east ender’s life. It was quite fun skating in the launderette & watching people around just trying not to pay attention & mind their own business. Climbing rooftops with BYO furniture was probably an interesting sight for the neighbours!”



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