Joaquin Burgueño


by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Joaquin Burgueño / Model: Alba Rosso / Stylist: Joaquin Burgueño
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Joaquin Burgueño ‘Easy’

Model, Alba Rosso tells (& shows) us about her last 6 hours with fashion photographer & close friend, Joaquin Burgueño.

“On January 9th we didn’t have 24 hours, but 6. We went to roundabouts, parks, courts & houses. There were outfit changes in the car & in the street, always running out of time. & time was separating us again, in 6 hours we would be in different places living different lives although everything was the same. The last 6 hours that we were far from that, we wanted to share, enjoy & live, giving us time to say goodbye again. These pictures narrate this story, the story of the 6 hours that in the end were more, that in the end were less. The 6 hours of friendship & love.”



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