Miles Marie

‘Eat da rich’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Miles Marie / Model: Maya Jane / Model: Jenna Koryn / Make-up Artist: Brittney Reed / Wardrobe: Eat da rich / Stylist: Eat da rich
Eat da rich: 1/11
Eat da rich: 2/11
Eat da rich: 3/11
Eat da rich: 4/11
Eat da rich: 5/11
Eat da rich: 6/11
Eat da rich: 7/11
Eat da rich: 8/11
Eat da rich: 9/11
Eat da rich: 10/11
Eat da rich: 11/11

Miles Marie ‘Eat da rich’

Miles Marie & her amazing team capture a new stunning series under the hot sun of Detroit summer. This is ‘Eat da rich’.

“Last summer I was working a lot with designer Simone Else (Eat da Rich) because I was so inspired by her colours & textures, & just her drive. Her designs & her ambitions are infectious & that rubbed off on me. I loved shooting her garments because they are so radical & so questionably Detroit. I got one of my favourite avant-garde makeup artists, Britney, involved, & two stellar models. I knew I wanted to get the doppelgänger shot at the stadium but the shadows of the bleachers & playground called to me when I saw them & I had to make them dance on the skin. Everybody’s spirit was invested that day.”



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