Mark Yareham

‘Edith bouvier’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Mark Yareham / Creative director: Vera Cebrià / Creative director: Mark Yareham / Model: Celia Lloret / Stylist: Vera Cebrià
Edith bouvier: 1/10
Edith bouvier: 2/10
Edith bouvier: 3/10
Edith bouvier: 4/10
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Edith bouvier: 10/10

Mark Yareham ‘Edith bouvier’

Valencia creative duo, Mark Yareham & Vera Cebrià bring us their stunning debut series. This is ‘Edith bouvier’ starring Celia Lloret.

“Celia is bored…
Celia est une enfant riche deprimée…
Celia is a woman pented up in a child body…
Celia get dressed with clothes tha’ she chooses at first sight…
Celia is almost in disguise…
…Celia’s an ‘Edith Bouvier’ millenial lol”

#outdoor #dressups #woman #girl #female



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