Electric: 1/9 Electric: 1/9
Electric: 2/9 Electric: 2/9
Electric: 3/9 Electric: 3/9
Electric: 4/9 Electric: 4/9
Electric: 5/9 Electric: 5/9
Electric: 6/9 Electric: 6/9
Electric: 7/9 Electric: 7/9
Electric: 8/9 Electric: 8/9
Electric: 9/9 Electric: 9/9

Ana Barberá ‘Electric’

The city of Benidorm, Spain is renowned for it’s vibrance & electric aura, the perfect components to derive inspiration. Artist Ana Barberá seizes all of that in her latest editorial, exploring the eclectic city & documenting what it has to offer.

Wardrobe; Zara, Aprils, Mango, The Attico, Vogue, Mascaró, Miista, H&M, Guess, Paloma Wool



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