Steph Segarra


by: Ainsley Hutchence

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Photographer: Steph Segarra / Model: Raiza Lopez
Electroshock: 1/10
Electroshock: 2/10
Electroshock: 3/10
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Electroshock: 10/10

Steph Segarra ‘Electroshock’

For the 3rd year in a row, Steph Segarra met with model/actress, Raiza López for their annual photoshoot.

“We’ve been getting together every time she comes to Puerto Rico to visit. It was a super chill Saturday. In the morning I passed by a local thrift store (Electroshock) & grabbed some pieces to style with. When Raiza got to my place we improvised with clothing from both our closets. We ran around Santurce & had fun with some colourful locations I had previously scouted. We made some new friends at Villa Palmera & ended the day with some tacos nearby!”



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