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Antonio C. Malia ‘Energies’

Antonio C. Maliauses and his team capture the Energies collection by Lemachet which redefines masculinity, not exclusively defined by gender or sex but rather interpreted as a manifestation of energy.

“It’s not a matter of gender; it’s a matter of energies. In Lemachet, everything begins with a question: for you, what is masculinity? Masculine energy is characterized by strength, intensity, and power. Instead of adhering to traditional gender roles, it emphasizes that anyone, regardless of their gender identity, can express and possess this masculine energy.

This approach suggests that masculinity is not an inherent characteristic of men but rather a quality that can be cultivated and expressed by any individual. Separating masculinity from gender constraints opens the door to a broader and more fluid understanding of the energies that can coexist in everyone.

The Energies collection by Lemachet seems to explore and challenge traditional conventions of masculinity by presenting it as a manifestation of energy, thus allowing for a more inclusive and diverse interpretation of this quality.”



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