Tim Swallow

‘Enter one’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Tim Swallow / Production: Lagoon Collective / CinematographerEd Triglone / Model: Jay Button / Model: Catie Allen
Enter one: 1/12
Enter one: 2/12
Enter one: 3/12
Enter one: 4/12
Enter one: 5/12
Enter one: 6/12
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Enter one: 8/12
Enter one: 9/12
Enter one: 10/12
Enter one: 11/12
Enter one: 12/12

Tim Swallow ‘Enter one’

On Sunday while getting round Bondi we ran into a photographer called Tim Swallow. I had fallen in love with Tim’s work only weeks before this accidental encounter where he stopped us in the street having recognized us from instgaram. Goes a long way to have pink hair & a bearded husband.

Even though we met Tim in his home town he seemed as fun, adventurous, unworried, relaxed, unwound & all those other things that people go on holidays to feel, and his work all started to make perfect sense. It feels like he actually lives the lifestyle that he photographs, almost as though he has just turned up for a surf & decided to take pics & perhaps that’s why his photos come across so natural & honest & just freaken beautiful.

It is my honor to have dibs on & to bring you 10 amazing shoots & a shitty interview in the lead up to Tim’s Sydney Art show later in the year. I will be sure to release show deets when we get them.

But for now I hope you enjoyed ‘Enter one’, the first from the 10 part series featuring Tim’s 2 gorgeous naked surfing buddies Catie & Jay.

But wait there’s more! Tim also sent me this beautiful film that his Cinematographer friend Ed Triglone made while on set!!! gaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! See below. Got me all tearing up & shit.



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