Entropy: 1/13 Entropy: 1/13
Entropy: 2/13 Entropy: 2/13
Entropy: 3/13 Entropy: 3/13
Entropy: 4/13 Entropy: 4/13
Entropy: 5/13 Entropy: 5/13
Entropy: 6/13 Entropy: 6/13
Entropy: 7/13 Entropy: 7/13
Entropy: 8/13 Entropy: 8/13
Entropy: 9/13 Entropy: 9/13
Entropy: 10/13 Entropy: 10/13
Entropy: 11/13 Entropy: 11/13
Entropy: 12/13 Entropy: 12/13
Entropy: 13/13 Entropy: 13/13


Alexan Sarikamichian ‘Entropy’

Alexan Sarikamichian presents his new short film that demonstrates the strength of a united generation, supported by 35mm film photos.

“Faced with the disorder of the system, they meet to mark the future, because they are the future. When the energy is revealed there is no one to stop them.”

Directed by Alexan Sarikamichian
Voice-over: Camila Orsi
Creative direction by Sofia Hansen
Production: Collab & Alexan Films
Executive production: Nico Lorenzon + Victoria Bintureira
Stylist: Segundo Etchebehere
Edition: Juan Pablo Arrieta
Director of Photography: Sebastian Ferrari
Music: Garza Garzon
Graphic design: Hans Creative
Make-up & hair: Sol Mery Saal
Models: Nicolas Lorenzon, Belen Chavanne, Aixa Campos, Juan Erijimovich, Robertina Rivero, Franco Mazzei, Johnatan Parko
Model Management: Sun Models, Street Agency



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