‘Escape from mundane’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Production: Costalamel / Photographer: Albert Ruso / CinematographerLaia Gil / CinematographerJA Duran / Stylist: Sílvia Orell / Model: Marc GM
Escape from mundane: 1/13
Escape from mundane: 2/13
Escape from mundane: 3/13
Escape from mundane: 4/13
Escape from mundane: 5/13
Escape from mundane: 6/13
Escape from mundane: 7/13
Escape from mundane: 8/13
Escape from mundane: 9/13
Escape from mundane: 10/13
Escape from mundane: 11/13
Escape from mundane: 12/13
Escape from mundane: 13/13

Escape from mundane from Costalamel on Vimeo.

Costalamel ‘Escape from mundane’

COSTALAMEL present their SS16 campaign; a series of gorgeous images & an incredible film to challenge the success of their last video, which was nominated for 5 international film festivals.

Born from the idea that we’re living in a World full of impositions & responsibilities that sometimes don’t strictly correspond to what we really want, ‘Escape from mundane’ is an open call to abandon our daily routine, to leave responsibilities aside & reunite with our inner kid, even just for a moment.

“Our daily inspirations from the 90’s international scene, the Tokyo’s suburban culture & design, the anti-authority American skateboarding movement & the eclectic Barcelona were key elements while recreating this spacial journey.”



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