Esther Boyd

‘Veiled spirit (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Esther Boyd / Model: Melody Jane
Veiled spirit (NSFW): 1/9
Veiled spirit (NSFW): 2/9
Veiled spirit (NSFW): 3/9
Veiled spirit (NSFW): 4/9
Veiled spirit (NSFW): 5/9
Veiled spirit (NSFW): 6/9
Veiled spirit (NSFW): 7/9
Veiled spirit (NSFW): 8/9
Veiled spirit (NSFW): 9/9

Esther Boyd ‘Veiled spirit (NSFW)’

Up until recently Esther Boyd would have described her life as a series of changing goals, themes & relationships, leaving her to feel like a perpetual piece of driftwood. & the result of that? She was fearless & would do anything, even if the consequences of it going wrong were deadly. NOW? Now she has found her passion, her “purpose” & a life long dream that was always an intermediate impossible has come out of the woodwork leaving her to feel like she has everything to lose.

I know the feeling all too well. The same thing happened to me when I gave birth 9 years ago, again 2 years later when I met Sebastien & then not so long ago when I started this website.

Recently Melody welcomed Esther Boyd into her world to document a day in her life & ‘Veiled Spirit’ is the beautiful result of that. Absolutely adore this.



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