Estrany (NSFW): 1/12 Estrany (NSFW): 1/12
Estrany (NSFW): 2/12 Estrany (NSFW): 2/12
Estrany (NSFW): 3/12 Estrany (NSFW): 3/12
Estrany (NSFW): 4/12 Estrany (NSFW): 4/12
Estrany (NSFW): 5/12 Estrany (NSFW): 5/12
Estrany (NSFW): 6/12 Estrany (NSFW): 6/12
Estrany (NSFW): 7/12 Estrany (NSFW): 7/12
Estrany (NSFW): 8/12 Estrany (NSFW): 8/12
Estrany (NSFW): 9/12 Estrany (NSFW): 9/12
Estrany (NSFW): 10/12 Estrany (NSFW): 10/12
Estrany (NSFW): 11/12 Estrany (NSFW): 11/12
Estrany (NSFW): 12/12 Estrany (NSFW): 12/12

Chris Jarvis ‘Estrany (NSFW)’

Chris & Estrany have wanted to shoot together for a while now & when they finally got the chance, they met up with absolutely no plan. I know for me when I shoot, no plan is usually the best plan & it certainly worked out for Chris! He has given me enough gold from one shooting to split out over 4 features! Here is part one. Love!!!

“Everything about Estrany makes you want to photograph her, from her pixie cropped hair & piercing eyes to her batman socks. She is a part time model & I shoot on the side, so neither of us were under any pressures from agencies or briefs. We just had a chilled afternoon in my studio, Skepta on the stereo, trying on different outfits & simply snapping away.”



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