Isabelle Bucx

‘Eternal summer’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

14 photographs.
Photographer: Isabelle Bucx / Creative director: Isabelle Bucx / Production: Sammy Moonen / Creative director: Sammy Moonen / Stylist: Sofie de Koning / HMUA: Anh Nguyaen
Eternal summer: 1/14
Eternal summer: 2/14
Eternal summer: 3/14
Eternal summer: 4/14
Eternal summer: 5/14
Eternal summer: 6/14
Eternal summer: 7/14
Eternal summer: 8/14
Eternal summer: 9/14
Eternal summer: 10/14
Eternal summer: 11/14
Eternal summer: 12/14
Eternal summer: 13/14
Eternal summer: 14/14

Isabelle Bucx ‘Eternal summer’

Amsterdam photographer Isabelle Bucx brings us a debut series captured on the last days of summer in Holland.

“The whole year revolves around the summer season with its sweltering heatwaves, sunny days & beautiful starry nights. Living in eternal summer has always been a dream. Maintain a little bit of summer, even in the colder days. Holland is a place in which everyone seems to enjoy the smallest ray of sun, & a place in which everyone now dreams about a special last summer day like this one.”

Wardrobe; Anna + Nina, Aya Label, Golia, Old Habits Die Hard, Sam Friday, Sammy & Ninos, Sicilian Sunday, The Confidante Spirits, Tets swimwear.



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